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Dr. Jane Bicks

Dr Jane Bicks, Holistic Veterinarian and Product Formulator.


Lifes Abundance Field Rep

Lori Matthews
Independent Field Representative






Life's Abundance Dog Supplements.



Life's Abundance joint formula This supplement features Glucosamine, MSM, sea mussels and hyaluronic acid. Agility Formula is a natural, holistic, multi-action joint support formula containing scientifically-tested ingredients.

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Life's Abundance skin & coat

A comprehensive nutritional supplement, Skin & Coat Formula for Dogs and Cats addresses skin and coat health in a holistic way. Unlike ordinary skin and coat supplements that contain fatty acids and a few other ingredients, this formula supplies a whole host of additional nutrients that work together to address the complex factors that play a role in supporting skin and coat health. The nutrients featured in this formula can yield several health-promoting benefits. Here are just some of the highlights of how this supplement works

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Life's Abundance daily formula

Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement for Dogs is formulated with a broad array of naturally nutritious ingredients from real food to help maintain overall health.

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life's abundance fish oil - pets


Regular supplementation of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from fish oil can help support your companion animal’s healthy skin, coat, heart, brain eyes and joints. However, numerous supplements on the shelves today do not contain the optimal concentration of fish oil. In addition, many of these supplements are not tested by an independent laboratory to ensure purity and safety.

Life's Abundance is Better

Our fish oils contain at least 30% EPA and DHA, an ideal concentration for the overall health of your dog or cat. The oil is in a triglyceride form, which is highly bioavailable and without added flavors so it has a natural taste that dogs and cats love.

(A triglyceride fish oil will not have any effect on the plastic dropper or measuring cup.)

Life's Abundance Ultra Pure Fish Oil for Pets

2 oz has an easy to measure dropper (We recommend this size for cats and small breed dogs)

8 oz bottle has an easy to use cup (We recommend this size for medium and large breed dogs)

Life's Abundance omega 3 fish oil for pets is made in a human pharmaceutical facility … the same place as our fish oil for people.

They are highly concentrated and ultra-pure. Like our fish oil for people, each bottle receives a nitrogen flush to remove oxygen from the bottle before it is sealed for ultra freshness. Plus, Life's Abundance fish oils meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry for quality assurance.

In fact, each batch of Life's Abundance fish oil for pets is tested by an independent third-party organization (IFOS) and the results are posted on the site so you can see the quality, concentration and purity that our fish oil supplements offer.

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Life's Abundance dog supplements include formulas for joint, skin and coat and daily supplement and ultra pure fish oil.








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